When you watch a (coding/tech) learning video: Is there something that you really like or really hate?

@bleeptrack trying to explain what is done in a Wordpad window which covers the actual code


+ screenkey (not always - depending on theme)
+ being concretely

- unreadable small letters
- person hiding code
- bad microphoning

@bleeptrack Many times I'd prefer if it was just a blogpost that I could skim for the information I need.

Other than that (in both cases) be explicit with versions in use (i.e. "this is processing 3.5" or "this works in ruby 2.7"). Hopefully your video will be available and relevant for years to come, and this information gets more useful the older it gets.

@bleeptrack Really hate it being a video, which isn't properly indexed for search, you can't copy/paste from, you can't re-read sections, you can't listen to in a lot of environments.
Also: not stating requirements/prerequisits/dependencies or, more general, how to set up to the point that you can repeat the thing shown.

@bleeptrack I like starting from scratch and going through step by step with as much live demo or live coding as ostensible.

I dislike a lot of repetition, things that are just magically there already, a lot of theory without an actual "product" at the end.

@bleeptrack Overly long introductions, burnt in ads, "and now a word from our sponsor", ...

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@kunsi @sophie @bleeptrack If my Storage would remove this from all of my offline archive, I think this could free ~5% of my storage capacity.

@zenja @kunsi @sophie @bleeptrack What I really like is when there is a quick overview and presentation of the result in the beginning. Then I can quickly decide if I want to watch the whole video.

@bleeptrack In the best case, the important key points should be available as text as well, so you do not need to seek inside the video, if you need to look up something that was presented afterwards. Video + a blog post is great and if the blog post is self contained it's even better.

@allo @bleeptrack

exactly - many tech projects are too complex to be merely shown on a video, you need code or commands you could cut and paste etc.

I think once Peertube sorts out its moderation issues it could be a very valuable place to store such instructional videos, as its *lack* of ad-funded ecosystem discourages techniques being added to a video to attract advertisers...

@bleeptrack Most of the time, i have a big problem focusing on the content, when there is too much information presented i already know. That's why i stick to reading these days, as i find it easier to skip content i'm not interested in and quickly find the the next bit i want to read than seeking in a video.

@bleeptrack Yes. The fact that it is a video, and not readable text.

99% of the time, after the 15 minutes of "remember to like and subscribe" things, you'll have the talking head there explaining what they're going to do, then half a second of their code example or whatever, and you have to pause just EXACTLY right, and they're probably obscuring it...) and you have to scroll through so much CRAP to get to the content.

Written? You can scan for the content _AND_ you can read for understanding. You CANNOT do this with a video, because you cannot effectively scan the lesson content.

Schools use books AND instructors for this reason.

And then of course there's the 20 minutes of "remember to like and subscribe" at the end.

And when it's a tutorial or the like that is set up in such a way that it is less a youtube thing and more a lesson :
- use of local dialect / slang when it's going out to the planet.


really like: full text transcript
dislike: lack of full text transcript

@bleeptrack As others have said, there's many things videos just aren't good at without an accompanying full transcript and repo link. But here's a few cades where I do find videos better than text/blogs:

- The process of working. Watching experienced programmers livecode is good for getting inspiration of how to work more efficiently, and how to think about approaching problems in general.
- Showing off practical end-state usage of a complex framework which might take significant time to try out yourself.

@bleeptrack Like: chapter marks with descriptive titles

I just hate coding videos
I don't even open those
It is just not valuable at all

With a written article I first scan for the code, I can take as much time as I need to read the explanation, I copy / paste things, I can try an do while I have the article open juste aside, I can scroll and scan and rescan the article for info, ...

All those things are just a pain with a video

No copy/paste, no scanning, scrolling is just a pain

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