Today: homemade Iced Tea and Neural Nets. Later recording the next WiP episode 😎

And yes, that ice cube has an edge length of about 5cm. Because we all know large cubes have a better volume-surface ratio ❄️ one day I might upgrade to ice balls.

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@bleeptrack I didn't notice that at first. Wow, that's a hefty ice-game!

@bleeptrack Interessting. What IS the perfect ice body to cool a beverage? Volume should be total cooling energy, size and Nusselt number instant cooling power. And everything is changing as the body starts melting and changes form...

Maybe one should even pursue a geometry that provides lots of cooling power in the beginning for a rapid chilldown, then melts into a form with a lower, constant power to sustain the temperature. Like the star geometry in a solid rocket motor.

I feel nerd-sniped.

Yeah, you're right! I guess the shape should depend on the start temperature S and the target temperature T. Cool down time from S to T should be minimized and then the time the liquid stays at temperature T should be maximized.
I wonder what the shape would look like? Like a sphere(to stay at temp T) with a fractal like structure around (for rapid cooldown)?

@bleeptrack @INCO What about structural integrity of the cooling body? Especially if the drink is to be stirred or shaken, that should be taken into consideration while deciding on a shape.

I can see someone writing a whole dissertation about this topic :D

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