I always start my workshops with a variation of this piece. Nice to have it in a physical book now 😍

My granddad was a graphic artist at Siemens. I wonder if they knew each other? My mum told me he brought home plotted/printed computer graphics and she used one as a lamp shade. I'd love to talk about graphics and design with him. Very sad that he passed when I was quite young.

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Pen plotted lamp shades are such a great idea! I should do a lamp with some of my AI plots ✨

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After more talk with my parents: they must have known each other to 99,9% and my mum had a Zuse Graphomat lamp shade. How cool is this?! And how come I just realize this now? Fun how life sometimes goes full circle. I hope granddad would have liked my generative stuff.

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Ich bin sicher, dass er superstolz auf seine Enkelin wäre, deine Sachen sind super.

@bleeptrack That sounds beautiful and I'm sure he would've liked them.

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