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A game by and made in 48h for

Play here:

@bleeptrack @blinry My Firefox only shows me "indirect call to null", or, when opening only the frame with the game itself "undefined is not a constructor". Due to the minimized javascript I could not find more info. Do you want me to investigate that any further?

@blinry I guess it's at least related. The error message changes to "undefined is not a constructor" when deactivating the firefox tracking protection.

@paalsteek Looked into this some more, and tried to reproduce it in Firefox 78. When I explicitly block "Cookies and Site Data" for the page, I also get the "indirect call to null" error. But other than that, strict tracking protection doesn't seem to cause problems for me. Does the pink shield icon next to the URL bar report anything unusual for you?

@blinry I don't think so. I will check tomorrow as this happened on my work machine. It worked fine in Chrome and I enjoyed it a lot.

@blinry I disabled the tracking protection but that didn't help. Creating a new profile did the trick though. Therefore I think I must have misconfigured my Firefox somehow. Or some addon is to blame.

@paalsteek Huh, good to know, thanks! Still, if it was fixable in Godot's export, it would be even better! :)

@bleeptrack By the way, this is what the trailer sounds like when played back by DaVinci Resolve, and then transmitted over Zoom's screen sharing feature. I'm into it! A lot! It's like it's being played by Tesla coils! <3

@blinry @bleeptrack fancy. on my computer it sounds like this. that's probably also not how it should sound

do you plan to release a native linux version and the source?

Results are in! Pretttty happy with the ranking, especially with #86 in Originality and #136 in Fun! :) @bleeptrack

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