Here is my July recap! Autonomous robots, PCBs and lots of outdoor activities.

@bleeptrack btw how did you get to Tallinn? plane, boat, car, train? (asking for possible future travel plans of mine ^^)

Plane :) we took a super early flight which was really nice because the airport was super duper empty

@bleeptrack ah okay. (I was kinda hoping you said train, because I like them better but until now I could not find a connection that doesn't take three days one way… ^^)

Yep, I also was searching for a non-flight alternative but that seems really hard to do :( I'd love to have a better EU railway system!

@bleeptrack it seems to be in the works, but not to be finished before 2026:
But even then, it will be a ~1300 km journey from Berlin to Tallinn.

From here to Berlin it's already quite a distance :/ though the new ice connection is really nice. It's about 6,5h now (plus time getting to Ulm which is + 0,5-1h)

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