Guess what got delivered today! 5 designs of my PicoPlanets! Each design is procedurally generated and only 10pcs per design are produced. I need a bit more work on the software side, then they will be available on Tindie.

✨Reach for the stars! ✨
The procedurally generated design has 3-5 stars, which are not covered with copper or solder mask. They are perfect places to add some LEDs below the board.

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From Idea to PCB 💡✍️👩‍💻
I learned so much in the last few months and I really enjoy the design process! Pretty sure I'll continue working on (generative) PCBs!

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The planets act as capacitive touch buttons. You also have one rgb led and 4 gpio pads on the backside. So you can flash some code to make it a custom keyboard. Or basically anything else you think would be fun to do :)

they can be programmed via Arduino IDE or also with CircuitPython. The planets are capacitive touch buttons. The board also has a rgb led and 4 additional pins on the bottom side. They can be used as keyboards for example :)

@bleeptrack its so beautiful! blown away by your creativity on this project. I've been following along the whole way and am astounded at each stage.

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