@bleeptrack When they noticed some people like ¨Audio Reactive¨ RGB layout, i think they kind of missunderstood it...
(Still, I´m kind of interested into making that with my keyboard API)

@bleeptrack that’s actually quite awesome! I wonder if it’s possible to make it recognize clipping and turn keys red if the clipping’s too much?

I like a more simple life. The keyboard lets me type as a way of interaction between me and my computer. This stuff is just creepy and wrong.


It's music visualization that doesn't get in your way. It makes a lot of sense. It looks sillier when used with a recorded audio clip of someone talking, but that's not what's being demonstrated here. It's just music visualization.

It also solves the issue of, "I've got this fun RGB keyboard, but I'm doing boring-ass work right now." Are you doing boring-ass work while listening to music? If so, then your keyboard can make it a little more fun.

@bleeptrack It might be interesting to the hearing-impaired. Then you would have a signal, if there is a loud sound in your surroundings.

@bleeptrack They gotta get a microphone in *somehow*, don’t they? ^^"

@bleeptrack great for when you wanna party and type at the same time

@bleeptrack Okay, I need to ask two questions.

What model of keyboard is it?

Anne pro 2. It's a feature in the control software :)

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