Ah, we are back at weird YT comments where you can get compliments and insults at the same time: someone telling me to not hide my abilities but then downgrades me from woman to girl. Wat?! :D

@bleeptrack da vermischt sich Begeisterung mit gelebtem Alltagssexismus aus dem Unterbewusstsein und Orthographie aus der Hölle.

I don't even get what is wrong with "basteln" in the first place. Never had a negative connotation in my mind 🤔

@bleeptrack {mansplaining along…} well, the term „Basteln“ (tinkering) for *me* has two connotations: first it conveys the idea of doing something primarily for enjoyment or as a pastime, but also the idea that it’s done by amateurs without the required knowledge, skill and rigor to be safe or reliable (e.g. if something is messed up, it’s „verbastelt“). So it’s a mixed bag, but I’ll proudly continue doing it as long as it’s fun.

Yeah, right! I guess the amateur point can be viewed from quite different angles. I guess for some people it might connotate that the result is bad because something was created my a beginner 🤔 for me "basteln" always was more on the joyful (yeah maybe also child like) tinkering.

@bleeptrack @vogelchr Seltsamerweise sind die Begriffe "Amateur:in" und "Dilettant:in" negativ belegt, dabei kommen sie von "amour" (Liebe) und "diletto" (Vergnügen).

@bleeptrack @vogelchr Kommt auf den Zusammenhang an. Im Spiegel las ich einmal, wie eine Autohausangestellte von Audi zitiert wurde: "ja, die bei Daimler basteln auch gerade an einem Zwölfzylinder". Das klingt dann nach Rumprobieren, wo man eigentlich einen klaren Konstruktionsplan haben sollte.

@bleeptrack things that raaaaarely (if ever) happened to me.

@bleeptrack not really comparable but we just discussed the #toxic style of some #issues in #github or generally #opensource projects trying to find the reasons for such behaviour. I mean - most people work on such things and dont get paid - especially not by the people opening the issues. Politeness should be a must! but what gets me even more are threads where a problem is discussed in depth and then someone writes "i got it" without disclosing the actual solution...

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