I'm researching possibilities for all-over print on clothing. But because of the printing technique, the fabric is either polyester or at least a polyester blend. What do you think: polyester yay/nay?

@bleeptrack heavily depends on the use. It's nothong for every day/all day in my opinion. But for a costume or special occasion - sure why not?

@bleeptrack Definitely a nay. I know that USA based Spoonflower prints on cotton, linen etc. Perhaps there are more local versions of fabric print facilities that do that as well?
Depending on your locality, of course..

@bleeptrack After a quick search: Cottonbee (UK), dptextile (DK), ...

We have a Berlin based spoonflower factory. Love their prints! Though I was more searching for a company that would also sew individual prints into a shirt 🤔 but maybe I am asking a bit much here.

@bleeptrack ah good to know about Berlin Spoonflower! I got a bit burnt by USA based wovns, out of this world shipping, import taxes and a wrong invoice. 😅 Nice weave, though.
Hmm, yes, t-shirts that's another story. Your typical white T-shirt with print exists, but...
On the other hand, they're not so hard to make. Depends on the quantity!

@bleeptrack I don't like the skin-feel of polyester and would only wear it with something cotton underneath

@bleeptrack oh yeah no that chiffon-y stuff that most places use for all-over printing is horrible. It also pills up and pulls threads super easily.
Polyester blends are okay, if not as nice as full cotton

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