I never laughed so hard while plotting something. Whole image takes about one hour.

Update! The application form is now fiiiinally available! If you are an artist in Bavaria at the beginning of your career: go and apply now!

@bleeptrack i didn't know i need this till just now <3

@bleeptrack This is for those who’ve been fucking up our planet for the past 30 years!

Feels good to give the fuck back :-)

Thank you for your tool!

@bleeptrack (just a note: The site did not display the „I want canvas data“-dialog long enough for me to say yes. I could only download once I had clicked in the menubar myself and allowed canvas data. Which I then did to be able to give the fuck back :-) )

Oh thanks for telling me! I'll check that out tomorrow :)

@bleeptrack And something thoroughly positive: „Bleebtrack is legendary“ — the reaction when I posted your generative art tools article in the Freenet IRC channel :-)

@bleeptrack and you. and you. and you. and you. and you. and you. and you. and you. and you.

@bleeptrack the motion when drawing the bottom of the half last is great, very punctuated.

@bleeptrack ahh ok. i have to admit - i never really catched it looking at the video on my minute cell phone screen - now i get it...

@bleeptrack I saw your original video clip, but my German isn't very good, so I did ny fully understand what it was about. It seemed to be related to government grants, and you doing work for its but getting nothing?

@bleeptrack your laughter sounds more bleepy than I expected :D

Thanks, this saves my day.

Contagious laugher happened before the recording. I had to calm down first, otherwise I could not have filmed a straight shot :D

@bleeptrack very responsible. we wouldn't have wanted it to become... viral

@bleeptrack das hat meme potenzial

ich bin ein eichhörnchen und ich kenne mich mit sowas aus

Definitiv. Ich warte noch auf den ersten Screengrab bei dem jemand was aufs weiße Papier schreibt :D

@bleeptrack @eichkat3r tbh, bevor du das Papier umgedreht hast, hab ich eigentlich erwartet, dass auf dem Papier einfach nichts ist. So leer wie die Versprechungen ^^

@bleeptrack andere so:

*bling bling*


Nur aufgefallen, weil der 31-Jährigesich wohl sehr stümperhaft angestellt hat. Ich frage mich wieviele sich *nicht* stümperhaft angestellt haben und dem Steuerzahle somit Geld gestohlen haben.

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