Learned about this awesome mending tool from 😍
The small hooks can open two different sheds by turning them, similar to a tiny loom.

@bleeptrack that looks so much better than I could ever do by hand. :D A good candidate for /r/specializedtools

@bleeptrack Wow, that tool looks great!
Do you know where I could buy one?

I bought mine here: don't know if there are other shops around. But I think they were more popular in the 60/70s (?). So there could also be some used ones around, but I could not find any so far.

@bleeptrack That link is great thanks!
They're a bit expensive, but with those extra pictures and info I could maybe make one 😃

Yeah, they are. But now and then there are some online for half the price. That's when I clicked mine :D

That's awesome. Does it have a Name? I might need something like this.

I think they're called speedweave. I got mine from here:

@bleeptrack Damn, an hour ago, I gave my Raw Denim to fix it, with this thing, maybe I could have done it on my own. I am wondering, that I could not find a model at thingiverse, to print it.

@bleeptrack great - that made my day. well... after searching for a video demonstrating how to use it, but afterwards - cool! and not all that new, apparently - my first search result showed someone operating one of them from the forties of the last century! amazing!

@bleeptrack arrgh - cant look at insta because of, well - #cookie but i expect it is something like my find:

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