I never laughed so hard while plotting something. Whole image takes about one hour.

Update! The application form is now fiiiinally available! If you are an artist in Bavaria at the beginning of your career: go and apply now!

*Spongebob Narrator Voice* one month later:
(Application Status: under review)

I mailed them on Monday to ask how long the process is going to take approximately. No answer.
(The mail bounced on the first try because they made a spelling error m( ).

Status changed to "submitted"?! Maybe they submitted their assessment? Let's hope for the best 🤞

@bleeptrack und nach nur - wieviel? 4? wochen? uiuiui brandaktuell!

Vermute das ist ein bisschen der Lückenfüller für die Kulturabteilung

@bleeptrack i like to see that you have such success with what you do. much deserved 😺

@bleeptrack danke!
Die Aufmachung hat mich schon schwer an die SZ erinnert

@bleeptrack you would think that the situation can't get any worse 😢

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