[video description: a great tit (a small songbird) on a fur slipper, ripping out bits of fur for nesting material.]

They are :D but I swapped them for raw wool. Hope that makes even fluffier nests

@bleeptrack @greenpete

I think that species of birb is EU redlisted, its probably /allowed/ to do that in Germany 😁 (but providing alternative nesting material is a good idea 😎 )

@vfrmedia @bleeptrack @greenpete That's a Kohlmeise (great tit), listed as "least concern". So, not particularly rare or protected, but still grateful for your fluffy nest materials.

@bleeptrack Don’t turn until the Empire falls.

Since 3 days a bird flies short attacks against the windows of the house i live in. He probably recognizes a competitor in the reflection. Can not understand that it is himself. But at least he has learned not to slam into the window at full speed.

First I thought when it is quiet again that he has given up. No, he has discovered other rivals in other windows.

Don't turn until the Empire falls.

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