I somehow broke my tap-to-click on my touchpad (running kubuntu). It's activated in the settings and the touchpad sensitivity is fine. Any idea what I could be doing wrong?

@bleeptrack turn it off and in again. The setting that is. Mt laptop semi frequently forgets my touchpad settings in manjaro using KDE but is OK if I change something and put it back again (apply both times) 🤷

@bleeptrack That should be more of a driver config thing afaict. You could try booting some live system to check if it's fine there. Have you received any kernel or firmware upgrades recently?

Yeah, I went from 20.10 to 21.04. I tried booting in my older kernels with no difference. Oh and I tried libinput measure to see if something is wrong with my sensitivity. That also seemed fine so I guess it's just a quirky setting I am missing 😅

@bleeptrack Oh, a nasty hunt for mess... I'm not jealous. ^^ So I wish you good luck, then. =)
Jokes aside, I think you're looking at the right layer there. Are you on Xorg or Wayland? Maybe this MatchIsTouchpad thing helps:
Here it says that tap-to-click is disabled by default (maybe new since your upgrade):

@bleeptrack Oh wow and suggests that it could even be a per-compositor thing on Wayland. 🐢🐢🐢 all the way down. :)

I am very confused but synclient Tapbutton1=1 did the trick Oo

@bleeptrack Sounds like the problem I had a while ago. I remember it had something to do with a change in driver api... and I think I fixed it using the commands used in this article:

@bleeptrack Wait, I also changed some "quirks" settings on my touchpad: (I only used the commands of that article to find and change any quirks settings, I think there was something regarding tap-to-click)

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