Hey Deutsche Bahn pros. Is there a trick to access WiFi? I get an IP but when I try I get DNS bad config? Have no custom DNS configured on my side 🤔

So weird because all other devices except my kubuntu work perfectly /o\

@bleeptrack @Bobo_PK interesting. What network service is kubuntu using? Network-d? Netplan? NetworkManager?

Official site states login but I tried both with no luck :(

@bleeptrack you could still clone the MAC of your phone, if you don't need that on WiFi or at least check it for the DNS ip.

I think I received the correct DNS adress but it looks like it's not answering correctly 🤔 like I could log me in a few seconds ago (suddenly) but now it's dead again and resolves nothing. But I can ping for example

@bleeptrack @copyrights are you running a docker daemon / anything else that may use the IP ranges and route them somewhere else? Sometimes these collide (iirc, DB uses some of the reserved IP ranges to avoid colliding with anything in the actual internet, but esp. docker likes to grab unreasonably large subnets for no reason)

@bleeptrack may it is DNS. It's always DNS 🤣.

Next I would check firewall and resolvectl status, try dig and ramp up wireshark.

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