A 220t crane, a flying house and the biggest unboxing ever? Join the live chat in 10min for a new episode of "Work in Progress":

Our truck driver saw the video and was very happy 🥰

@bleeptrack very cool! :) Reminds me of me installing a 6x9m office container in our backyard earlier the year

Ooh awesome :D Do you use it as your main work space?

@bleeptrack when I'm out at out place in the country side yes. We bought it mainly for the kids during the pandemic as our house is too small to host the whole family over weeks when everyone is working and trying to concentrate. That was the quickst and most affordable option to put an office container.

@bleeptrack 🙌 we have the same in our house (the container doesn't have an integrated heating). So convenient and space saving.

@bleeptrack these premieres are always fun! thanks for sharing your beautiful house! 😊

@bleeptrack that looks amazing, thanks for giving us all a tour of your new home! It’s veeery cute 😍

From your narration, it sounded like a super-exciting process — so glad everything turned out beautifully in the end!

Yeah that was exciting and tiring at the same time :D thanks! \o/

@bleeptrack Oh I can absolutely imagine!

As an aside, I meant to comment recently that your cat (who was, on one of your photos, politely watching from the stairs as you were cooking) is incredibly sweet. Hope s/he's settling in well, too!

The fluffy one is settling in great. The other one is still a bit scared but yesterday also explored the mezzanine :D

@bleeptrack Aww that‘s sweet, I‘d imagine the balcony makes an excellent cat perch with an nice view from up high! I wonder if your cats appreciate having a (large, light and comfy) box to live in 😉

@bleeptrack I am so happy for you! This house looks so neat and thoughtfully built!

@bleeptrack this video was so cool! Hope the house is amazing for yall

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