Aaahaha, here it is! A first successful cut of "Parameter Space"!
When an idea becomes code and code becomes reality ✨

It's like a little puzzle! Also the wood parts get a fabric lining.

The idea is that each face can be slightly pulled inwards with a string.

Yellow "asteroid" now also has an even bigger blue brother!

Of course the whole wood frame drops out of a generator - ready to cut :3


Both asteroids and I are on the way to the opening gala. Only a few hours old and already on exhibition. They grow up so fast.

Sometimes it's hard to find matching/good looking wires or cables for a project. This time I found a 💯

Oh I totally forgot: I wanted to show you the movement. It turned out to be more subtle than I expected. But I already have some new Ideas for this shape generator in mind :3

I guess I also never showed you the cool photos shot from the opening gala!

@bleeptrack that looks amazing! And created so fast (following back the thread).


Wow I didn't expect 'em so huge, on the first images there was no relation in size so I thought it's about… a volley ball or the like

@bleeptrack It might look much more impressive if coated in something shiny, like tin foil or thermal blanket?

Then the light reflection varying with the movement would draw the eye.

@bleeptrack the second one: can one hire your psi? keeping Things airborne just by pointing - impressive!

@bleeptrack ich fand den Prozess und das Ergebnis super spanne, vielen Dank fürs Teilen! Ich hätte mir nur gewünscht, ein bisschen mehr von den „atmenden“ Skulpturen zu sehen.

Absolut. Profi bleeptrack hat einfach voll nicht dran gedacht da nochmal einen ordentlichen Shot von zu drehen 🙃😭

@bleeptrack Now I would like to see them moving/blinking. Can we have a video? Please? 🙂

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