Or photovoltaic system is running! But clicking around in the inverter backend let me stumble upon... SolarCoin?!

And they happily state that their shitcoin only uses the energy of one household. Aaarrgggh. Whyyyyy

@bleeptrack having a quick look over their website, I'd imagine that you could generate solarcoins with Wireshark and curl.

@bleeptrack So is this a "wanted" feature from the "vendor/upstream" or simply an unlisted trojan?

It's a wanted coin from the company. "We will give you 1 coin for every MWh" or something 🙃

@bleeptrack @coca 0,003€ = 1 SLR
I've got an Idea where they can shove it. There is no sunshine in there.

@bleeptrack if i did not read all thos trööts of yours before i would think you made this up. what possible reason could there be for an nverter needing a backend in the first place?

The backend itself is useful to get all the current stats. But that coin is just a terrible shit show 🙃

@bleeptrack @elbosso Well, if Antivirus Software can mine etherum coins now, why shouldn't you simply burn the energy you got from the panels mining Solar Coins?

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