It's already June, which means: time to make some Goodies for my goodie tier Patrons! I always wanted to print shirts, but doing unique generative ones in a good quality is not easy! But I found a solution: lasercutting stencils from paper and then bleaching the pattern ✨

I can get really good details with this method and now I'm super hyped to make a shirt collection.

So if you are a goodie tier Patron: check the article for size & color. ❤️

If you are not but still want a generative shirt: join now!

And yes, the picture is a pure stencil test to see how sharp I can get the edges.

Generator for final design is still in progress :3 🐦🕊️

@bleeptrack That looks really good! The bleed is very minimal! Did you already test how it holds up after washing it? As far as i know, certain printing techniques settle more after you wash it.

I did a hand wash on those shirts and it did not really change. I think as long as all the bleach is washed out, I'm good :)

Ah but the bleached parts indeed became even a bit more white than in the photo.

@bleeptrack Maybe a next step would be to layer those generated designs? I am not very curious about how bleach could work in that way.

Yes, I also thought about that! Might also need a bit of experimentation on the bleach solution. Would be really cool to get distinct color shades!

@bleeptrack Totally! At least bleach is easy to dilute right? So in theory you should have a sort of "gray scale" of options with using only bleach.

I think so! Maybe instead of having different solutions I could also leave it on for a shorter time 🤔

@bleeptrack I have some shirts that were made like this using a professional setup. They basically last forever, since there is no colour to flake off or bleed out. I always wondered if it diy-able.
Hmmm... I could use my cutting plotter to make stencils...

Go for it! \o/ I'd say it's easy to DIY. Only thing is that you need a pair of old clothes or be reeeeally carefully to not accidentally bleach a drop into something you don't want to :D

@bleeptrack Cool! Didn't think you'd get such defined edges, as I figured the bleach would wick into the fabric more.

Do you rinse them off immediately?

I discovered bleach "painting" by accident once, wearing a black t-shirt while spilling some chlorine for water treatment :)

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