Because of weather complications our tiny house delivery is delayed by one week. So it will hopefully arrive on Dec. 23. I guess this will be the biggest Christmas present I'll ever get. The house even comes wrapped :D

Tiny house was loaded successfully onto the trailer. The journey begins!

t -3 days. Some stuff was rescheduled: crane will build up on Tuesday, house arrives on Wednesday.
My nights are currently more like:

t-2 days. Driver called us that he is only about 200km away. So road delays shouldn't be a problem anymore.

Crane is set up. Trailer with house should arrive between midnight and 1:00 did a really nice shot in the parking lot this morning 🥰

We saw lights in the distance. They are on the way for the last mile!

They did it! It was a crazy close thing.

Also we have the keys and peeked inside.

Feels so surreal.

Alright. Time to get a few hours of sleep until the craning tomorrow morning 😴👋

The eagle has landed 🤩
It's done!
1,5 years of preparations come to an end. I'm so relieved!

Hellooooo! Next step: reattaching the bottom planks. They are removed for transportation.

Now with ✨🎵Sound🎵✨
You asked for a walkthrough, so here it is!
(I need to split it into multiple parts because... Twitter).
Gimme all your questions! I can do a more in-depth walkthrough for the next WiP episode :)

There's two types of cats:
1) instantly occupies the new house
2) prefers to watch first. Inside is too scary

Several weeks later: enjoying the spring sun on our tiny porch ☀️

Getting the weights on the roof with

We already reached 1% RoI 🤯 I didn't dig too deep into the financial side of solar power. So I'm quite surprised how fast they go equal.
We currently try to use as much of our "own" energy as possible. Which means: timing my showers 🛀 or washes 👕


Interior update: after a long search I now finally have a cozy seat for coding time on the mezzanine ✨👩‍💻 we also added the orange carpet for a nice color touch and a cool small shelf.
Maybe I should declare this place my second office 🤔

@bleeptrack that does look super cozy 🤩 are those tannoys beside the tv, btw?

@bleeptrack Aah, from that angle i was very unsure if this was lens distortion or just the curvature of the tannoy reveals :) turns out: it's the curvature, but from different speakers :D Sorry, audio-nerding-stuff.

@thunfisch yeah, with the lens distortion it's really hard to make out! Sadly my partner is the audio nerd in the house and not me :D but I can forward questions in case you have any ;)

@bleeptrack Just scrolled through this amazing thread. I wonder: where is your bed?

@bleeptrack your house looks so much like a very nice place to live!

@draco the living quality is insanely good. We are super grateful for this place (house, property, overall location) 🥰

Looks like all you need now is a little end table next your comfy chair for your drink.👍

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