Experimenting with our @verschwoerhaus@twitter.com logo to make some colorful and playful stickers for tomorrow. I enjoy the look a lot but am not sure if they will look good as die cut stickers 🤔

Alright. Printed and foiled. Get me the scissors!
Here's my preparation soundtrack: youtu.be/Y-B0lXnierw

Let's give them a number and my artist tag, so even Stadt Ulm understands this is an art project.

@bleeptrack So cool! Both! Obviously you print and cut them yourself. Is there a description of the tools/tooling?

@Orolo Not yet but it's quite straight forward: print is done with a regular inkjet printer onto ppd vinyl sticker sheets. The foil on top is the 210 oraguard in either matt or semi-glossy. And then I cut them with a little pair of silhouette scissors :)

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