Tonight : lasercutting some jewelry from shiny acrylic sheets. The engraved "pixles" are text in dotsies.

Yep, this is how stuff in the 21st century should work. Order and pay food with smartphone, open fancy box via app. And then have a nice chat with the staff/cook, because they are super nice people

There are those rewind cables... do you know of any that only wind one side of the cable so the box stays at one cable end? Like the rewind mechanism of a vacuum cleaner cable?

Fun with e-paper displays: showing some of my Schnipsel (daily drawings)

All Bugs need Love! These have not found a nice home yet. So come and adopt an unloved bug!

I brought my overflower stuff to ! If you always wanted a unique bag or pencil case with computer generated pattern, come grab one \o/

An overflower plot and generative circuit stickers (thanks so much @JanHenrikH !) are ready for pickup
And remember: you can ask me to shoot a memorable photo of you on a floppy disk. Saving Memories!

The heck is Generative Art and what to do with it? Find out in my Workshop tomorrow 12:00 at WikiPaka WG

First floppy labels are plotting. Tip for folks: the light drawing boards look cool if you are in a dark environment

When you look like a drug addict but you need syringes to refill your rapidograph ink cartridges

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