Ask me to plot you a generated circuit at Congress :)

You like generative art or creative coding? Then head over to ! I sewed bags and cases with a unique, computer generated fabric pattern. ( pickup available)

This might be the sweetest comment I ever got 😍

Got me a bunch of old rapidographs. Some are completely clogged. Let's see if I can get them working again.

Green generative pencil cases finished. Now building a webshop /o/

And here is the first shoulder strap bag from my generative fabric 👍

First pillow case done. Incl. hidden zipper. 3 more to come!

I promised to sell some stuff with my overflower print. Here are the fabrics: Cotton Twill for pillow cases and gym bags. With a slightly brighter print: Linen/Cotton Canvas for pencil/cable cases and tote bags.

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