I reworked most of my code because I misunderstood how uniform growth is working. Here we are again - slow as heck, but somewhat working.

It's working! Thanks to @sicarius@twitter.com you can again order your unique @beetlesbot apparel \o/ Thank you so much!
Check it out >>> beetles.bleeptrack.de/

Hey fellow peepz!
I have a 30 bucks amazon gift card. What book about generative art (esp. containing ML)/creative coding would you recommend most? Thanks!

I promised to sell some stuff with my overflower print. Here are the fabrics: Cotton Twill for pillow cases and gym bags. With a slightly brighter print: Linen/Cotton Canvas for pencil/cable cases and tote bags.

I present to you: overflower fluffy coat. Shell fabric is designed by my code. Each flower is unique. And of course it has pockets!

If you are into or , check out @colornamesbot ! It's a bot for colornames.org, a site collecting names for all colors! It posts colors and you can suggest a name by replying. So please help name aaaaaaall the colors \o/

Records are CC-0 and can be downloaded. Maybe this data is useful for you :) Twitterbot will follow soon!

Hey there! I'm searching a name for my doodle flower generator. How would you call it? Please help suggest names or vote on other suggestions here: allourideas.org/flowergen Thanks!


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