Wanna talk and art on Wednesday? ✨

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This Wednesday on the @frivolous_circs@twitter.com will be joined by @Bleeptrack@twitter.com at a different time 🚨 noon pacific / 3p EST / 9p CET πŸ€–βœ¨ Tune in to hear about generative art, PCB design and more! youtu.be/vqdFr6GlCsg

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Machine Typography – 17 letters for 17 recipients – my cards are finally ready to go!

(Too bad I'm 2 days late for text/typo prompt πŸ™ƒ)

More pics/info πŸ‘‡πŸ»

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First test prints with my new stamp sets. These were planned as December Patreon goodies and I'm running a bit late. They will be sent out this week ✨

I'm very happy to announce that @aleatorpress@twitter.com has listed my "Generative Kunst" zine. Each copy is unique, because you know... it's ;)

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Woa, I got a huuuge order of angry finger stickers this weekend! Each one is hand crafted and unique!
They will go out on Monday. Hope you like them!

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Grow Around 🦠 dwitter.net/d/23234


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Playful swirls are now my collaborative generative background on my website.
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I am still getting some questions, so here is front, top, and side view! Two sets of spikes tilted at different angles, rotating in different directions

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I'm so excited to speak at EPC this year! 😍✨

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Speaker Announcement: @Bleeptrack@twitter.com will join our ONLINE conference on April 30th to talk about generation for the real world.

More info: everythingprocedural.com

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Today at ~12:40 CET I will present co-creative AI drawing tools at @EvostarConf@twitter.com . I will bring a live version to play with to the poster session tonight :)

Throwback Thursday: fabric prints from procedurally generated flowers! Play with the generator here: overflower.bleeptrack.de

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