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nothing groundbreaking, but i've been really into the idea of using user-select: none; and ::selection to hide secret censor poetry in writing online

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Woa, remember @jasoncoon_@twitter.com 's amazing Fibonacci spirals? He recently made an overflower edition and they are stunning 😍

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Inspired by the overflower project by @Bleeptrack@twitter.com, I made some changes to the code, generated a design I liked, saved as SVG, then used it to create a more organic Fibonacci64 PCB!
github.com/bleeptrack/overflow twitter.com/jasoncoon_/status/

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Btw we had a nice (german) panel on why nf*ts are a really bad idea at @jugendhackt@twitter.com a few weeks ago. With views from hackers, indie game devs and artists: youtube.com/watch?v=Ysq_WI5iVS

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When your local museum drifts into the abyss

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…about . But not a) on Thursdays b) when the sun is shining c) after 8 pm 🤣 We got you! video is now online!📺
➡️ nextmuseum.io/events/its-tech-
🙏 @Damjanski@twitter.com @rheaplex@twitter.com @audelau@twitter.com @fabuchao@twitter.com @museedezentral@twitter.com @NRW_FORUM@twitter.com

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anyway, the core of the problem is that it is so expensive to make a large image model, data-wise and computing-wise, that the artists who would twist this technology about and find the interesting wrinkles are stuck sending in prompts and getting stock images back

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My glasses don’t jiggle jiggle
They fold

(@bleeptrack hat mich wieder auf faltbare Sonnenbrillen gebracht und ich bin schwach geworden)

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StampaLaFanza at Olé festival. You can self-print fanzines or generative art.
Thanks to @oloturia for random comics and to @bleeptrack for flowers and beetles

Being back at a chaos event felt amazing. Thank you @entropiagpn@twitter.com for these lovely four days!

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I just think its nice when people are mutually magical to each other

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Have you seen these cool posters for @MCH2022Camp@twitter.com everywhere at ? Did you know we made a cool generator for the kaleidoscope pattern? ✨

Want a unique computer generated sticker? I left some on the sticker table for you ✨

On my way to ! I decided to leave my pen plotter at home this time so I don't accidentally start to work 😅 but I'll bring a big bunch of procedurally generated stickers!

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Wir haben mit @Bleeptrack@twitter.com gesprochen, über , kreative Technologie und wie damit Zugänge zu Kunst und Technik entstehen.

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Here's my new minimalist creative coding playground!

➡️ sliderland.blinry.org ⬅️

What animations can YOU make using JavaScript and 64 sliders? 🎚️✨

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I guess they couldn't see us well through the reflection of the window

In case you haven't seen the stream recording yet: we had a lovely talk on moving picture frames, puzzle coins and crazy DIY vehicles!

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Apparently we're a bit earlier than usual, check out the stream now!


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