Quit my first, very exploitative PhD position. Felt great afterwards and the free time gave me the chance to dive into generative art. I found my passion and now have a new PhD position in that field.

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Today I need to hear stories of the first time you quit something and it was a good decision. (Not addictions.) Society often uses β€œquitter” as a derogatory term and more often people talk of regret of quitting but I want to collect some no regrets stories.

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Der Generator ist ja mal super cool geworden! 😍🌲

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Der Blogpost ist zwar voll davon, aber ich mΓΆchte es hier noch mal loswerden: Ein riesiges Danke gilt @bleeptrack mit ihren vielen vielen kreativen Generatoren, und ihrem Vortrag beim . Die habe ich meinen Geschwistern als Inspiration gezeigt, und sie waren sofort beide Feuer und Flamme und konnten kaum warten, selber auch so etwas zu bauen.

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Made some ear jewelry that connects to the internet n lights up when someone comments on my posts over at Instagram Dot Com πŸ§šβ€β™‚οΈ LEDs cast in resin + adorned w/ swarovski pearls, NodeMCU module w custom chain connector β›“

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Dear Internet, could anyone please be so nice to send us an analog XY-Mode oscilloscope to before ? @quintusquanten needs to test his phosphor-paintings of the 36c3-Design Generator for his @chaoszone talk. twitter.com/quintusquanten/sta @cccupdatesbot @bleeptrack @jenaertoots

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in 1906, Grace Hopper was born. In 1947, she discovered a moth in the Harvard Mark II - and popularised the computing term 'bug'. She then went on to develop the first compiler, A-0, and the programming language COBOL. computinghistory.org.uk/cgi-bi

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Those quizzing people... That's the worst behaviour ever! Uuurgh!

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Had so many nice people in my third guided tour through my exhibition. And also that one "I don't think this is art" person πŸ™ƒ

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architecture-aware sim with theoriz.com for fΓͺte des lumiΓ¨res (phone video sorry πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»)

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Since nobody picked up on this (I'm disappointed in y'all), this is a "CTF" twitter.com/arturo182/status/1

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Auf nach Ulm /o/ und heute Nachmittag dann ins Museum zur Ausstellung von @Bleeptrack@twitter.com \o/

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I tried to screencast the drawing process but peek lost the second half. I'll try again tomorrow :)

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In der Code/Kunst Ausstellung von @bleeptrack gewesen. Faszinierend das alles mal in groß und analog zu sehen. Servicetoot: Internet lÀuft ;) #generativeart

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