It's working! Thanks to you can again order your unique @beetlesbot apparel \o/ Thank you so much!
Check it out >>>

Anyone else experiencing micro freezes since Kubuntu 19?

I have a boox :D sadly mine can't be used as display :(

And then Mr Fluff comes round to hang out together 😻 (he usually isn't a cuddly one)

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There is now a very(!) experimental service to get your own @beetlesbot avatars like robohash or identicon: or call if you want a background.
Thanks to to ping me again with this nice idea!

Hey fellow peepz!
I have a 30 bucks amazon gift card. What book about generative art (esp. containing ML)/creative coding would you recommend most? Thanks!

Sadly I have absolutely no clue about music theory. But I know of:

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