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Please help @blinry :
"Hey tweeps, wanna help me find a name for an upcoming project? I'd like to set up an online exhibition of "pretty computer bugs". You can vote for your favorite ideas here, and submit your own: "

If you need some nerdy shirts for 35c3, there is currently -15% Code: CYBER18
My Shop:!/
Or get your personal generative @beetlesbot shirt over on

WiP7: About 35c3 Generator, my Keynote in Bern and a dusty Polaroid Camera (EN subtitles):

I promised to sell some stuff with my overflower print. Here are the fabrics: Cotton Twill for pillow cases and gym bags. With a slightly brighter print: Linen/Cotton Canvas for pencil/cable cases and tote bags.

Generator Update:
- 18 new Phrases
- 2 new Symbols: charged capacitor, coil
Thanks for your pull requests!

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Ich glaub, ich muss mir auch mal -Zeug ansehen – was @bleeptrack da mit dem circuit generator gebaut hat, ist schon ganz schön geil!

Generator is now live: If you need stickers, signs for similar, feel free to use it! PNG and SVG export available. If you have any nice ideas for further random texts, please make a pull request :)

Kids, if you really want to troll, think about from which account you post. I even can see deleted posts m( (buttom one got deleted instantly.)

I'm gonna talk about learning in online communities this weekend to a crowd of teachers. Should I add this slide?

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InkyDays is now a Zine! First test of scanning and printing my drawings has gone well, but I'm only printing a small batch. Pre-order my First Zine: featuring #inkyDays drawings, coloring pages, and more

#generative #art #ink #drawing #zine

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