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Schreibt doch einem lieben Menschen auf dem Congress über das C3 Post Office eine Postkarte!

Und stellt eine Postkarte, die jemand anderes schrieb, dem Empfänger zu! Probiert es aus, es macht mega Spaß! 😁

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An overflower plot and generative circuit stickers (thanks so much @JanHenrikH !) are ready for pickup
And remember: you can ask me to shoot a memorable photo of you on a floppy disk. Saving Memories!

The heck is Generative Art and what to do with it? Find out in my Workshop tomorrow 12:00 at WikiPaka WG

First floppy labels are plotting. Tip for folks: the light drawing boards look cool if you are in a dark environment

Hey and creative coding people: what's the most jaw-dropping (especially nice or especially weird) generators you have seen so far?

When you look like a drug addict but you need syringes to refill your rapidograph ink cartridges

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Das 35c3sign Team Shirt ist super cool geworden 😃
Danke an @l3d (Siebdruck) und @bleeptrack (Motiv)!

Thank to edjopato (I don't think he's on mastodon?) now has colored svg export \o/ how awesome is this?!

Circuit Generator Update by pull requests:
- new memories added
- new symbols added
- set parameters by GET
- code cleanup

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took some more neutral pictures of Reform not promoting any applications except htop ^^

A little late, but here is the new "Work in Progress": about my webshop, pen plotters & technical drawing pens and 35c3 preparations:

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In der auf dem gibt es auch ein Programm aus Vorträgen und Workshops. Version 0.2 des Fahrplan:
More to come!

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