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When you had a ruff day but your cat transforms into a snugglebug bug ♥️

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Wait... there will be a "Space Channel 5" in VR? Why did nobody tell me?!

Was with my boyfriend in hospital to get him checked. First thing we did was fixing the printer at registration. 🤓

Tonight : lasercutting some jewelry from shiny acrylic sheets. The engraved "pixles" are text in dotsies.

Like.. i love my kubuntu. But this "Woops I did not go to sleep and sucked your battery dead" really sucks!

Yep, this is how stuff in the 21st century should work. Order and pay food with smartphone, open fancy box via app. And then have a nice chat with the staff/cook, because they are super nice people

Yesterday I was at @me_freakshow podcast. Nice, 4h long talk about Art, Coding and Tech (german) 👇

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