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Rise and shine little succulent! If the leaves feel a bit squishy, your plant is thirsty. The daily shower routine is a great time check on your cute little fella.

I sympathize a lot with hotel staff that also can't do the bed sheets

Every hotel feels like home with a cute succulent on your nightstand.

Succulents also complete the vintage retro chic of german public transport fabrics. Great instagram shots guaranteed.

You were both hoping for a bit of sun above the clouds, but there is none. You can share your disappointment.

It helps you coping with melancholic feelings while riding a train.

It likes to stay rather dry, so you will seek shelter in rainy weather.

Such a beautiful installation at London Science Museum! The lines can bump into each other and then change direction!
Hope, I also will do an installation for a public space/museum one day 😍

My last night in London: finally fish'n'chips. As I learned from : only with mashed peas!

Found a friend of circuit generator at Tate Gallery of Modern Art

Aaarg, starts tomorrow and I fucked something up on my account and can't log in m((((
But people say if 'rehearsal' goes wrong, the 'show' will be great πŸ˜…

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