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Step by step I'm drawing my missing Schnipsel. April is finished:

If you want to support speech systems with your voice sample, please don't give it to Google. Give it to an open alternative instead:

\o/ bought this from my amazon affiliate money I collected over several years :D thanks peepz!

Will post my daily drawings on my main account for one week. Let's see if this is too much or not.

Also at that time: I had a bad monitor. I retouched the left bottom corner. If you look closely, you can see my brush strokes. I couldn't see them on my PC m(

Ever wondered why my nickname is 'bleeptrack'? It all started with a webradio show about game soundtracks. I had about 10 listeners!

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So, I think it should work now! Join me live in my CNC journey:

Status: neither easel nor my camera want to work with kubuntu today

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