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Back home from . It was great to finally meet some of you (again)! You are such a lovely crowd and I had so many great conversations, received tips for my mini plotter and hopefully could give some genart tips back. Hope to see you all soon! Thanks for everything!

Can't wait to try it out! Thank you soo much ! 💖

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Hat wer einen guten Leim zum kurz ausleihen, damit @bleeptrack s einen Ehrenplatz bekommt?
Der Träger der Fernsteuerung für das vielleicht?

bitte weiter tröten

Hey I still have lot's of pre-ordered beetle stickers! They are in a small box next to the pen plotter (center of hackspace). Come by and grab yours :)

Thanks for joining! Watching together was really fun! I think I'll use this more often :3

My new Work in Progress Video goes live in about 5min. Join me in the Chat:

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