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After some videos I started showing my face. That was a large step, because initially I didn't like to post too much "personal" stuff on the web. Now I feel way more confident and also post more pics to Twitter/Mastodon/Instagram.

For each video I write english subtitles to make them more accessible. That takes 1-3h per video. About 15% of the views seem to use them. I sometimes wonder if I should speak EN in the video, but I feel way more comfy talking in DE. Especially because I do not script my texts.

Also I realized I'm missing some knowledge about proper videography. Especially lighting and color grading. Hope to improve that in the next year!

Often I think I should record more videos while working on my stuff, because that's more interesting to look at. But most of the time I either forget to do so or feel weird talking into a camera "vlogger style" in public. Hope this awkward feeling vanishes sometime in the future.

1 year WiP celebration! For ~1 year I record all my project's progress in a video series. This actually consumes a lot more time than I thought, but it also shows me that I do more stuff than I perceive. Also I think it's important to show failure or a change in a projects idea.


Wir würden gerne unser äh seit drei Jahren bestehendes Provisorium lösen *hust*
Wo geht 1 denn als Space hin für SIP mit nicht so viel telefonieren (~150 Minuten im Monat) aber mindestens 100er-Nummernblock für ScHaBeRnAcK?


Feuerwehr winkte kurz in den Saal. Hoffe, sie bekommen ne Kinokarte

Dietrich Theater Neu-Ulm: Premiere von ES 2. Nebelmaschine im Vorführraum löst Fehlalarm aus. Feuerwehr gerade angekommen.

Navajo-plied a small test batch of grey merino. Final wool will be regular 3-ply :)


I turned the model of my badge cover into a generative model which can now produce 234576 different stl files. Hope this satisfies the various needs of all visitors :)

Find the code and some example .stl's at


Students asked me if they could shoot a short video portrait of me. They came fully equipped 👌

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