Door #9: Valonia ventricosa ("bubble algae") is one of the largest unicellular organisms – it has a diameter of up to 5 cm!

blinry boosted Coding, art, and *ahem* "modelling" was done in 8 hours.

Super thankful that Lucas and Sami introduced me to Unity for this project! Using it and collaborating via Git seemed like a pretty smooth process.

(And isn't Michelle's & Daniel's art just amazing? :O)

At, Michelle, Daniel, Sami, Lucas, and me made a silly VR game where you're a snail shooting lasers from its eyes, fighting evil salt shakers! πŸ§‚βš‘οΈπŸŒ

The terminal is a plain "termite", which I picked for it's full color emoji support. 🀩 (Open to other suggestions!)

The font is "Iosevka"! <3

Not pictured: the program launcher "dmenu2", and the notification daemon "dunst".

This is resloved's fork of "i3-gaps", which adds these lovely rounded corners!

Shadow effects are added by the compositor "picom", a fork of compton:

At the bottom there's a "polybar":

My window manager is ready for 2020! *configuration intensifies*

Door #7: The Church Asylum of Den Haag – when a Dutch church held a non-stop worship service for almost 100 days, to grant church asylum to a refugee family. For example, built a Twitter bot based on DialoGPT, a transformer-style neural network trained on human dialogue!

And showcased a clever approach to simulating lots of particles on the GPU: Presented projects are documented here: I could probably spend days just browsing all the awesomeness there!

Went to the meetup today, and had a blast! So many nice, inspiring, diverse people! There's a "meetup" every four weeks, with informal project presentations and plugs. And inbetween, there's a "jam" format for collaborating on projects.

Somehow, I anticipated the need for grid coordinate resolution. If I were to do it again, I would stay at the level of crossing straight wire segments.

For day 3 of , my naive solution had quadratic complexity, so I learned how to use hash maps in Haskell! My solution uses a "Map (V2 Int) Int" type to map grid coordinates to a present wire/to a signal delay. Then it's just a mater of finding intersections.

Participating in the ticket raffle for the Fusion Festival for the first time – you can do that until 2019-12-14. Who of you has been there before? :)

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