Do you remember when you joined Twitter? Whoa, has it really been 17 years?

Can't get over how pretty the Waterman butterfly projection is! πŸ¦‹ Here's an interactive version with weather overlays:

Diese Woche stellen die Softwareprojekte, die in der vergangenen Prototype Fund-Runde gefΓΆrdert wurden, ihre Ergebnisse vor! πŸ₯ Im ErΓΆffnungsstream nachher geben @bleeptrack und ich eine Live-Demo unseres Lernspiels "Oh My Git!" 😁

Los geht's hier um 18:30 UTC+1:

I also really enjoyed reading about which approaches people picked to generate or detect randomness! :)

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They then mixed these with some real random strings, and in a second round, invited people to figure out which ones were "fake". You can find their detailed analysis of the results here:

Spoiler: basically everyone was overconfident in their estimates!

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How fun! held a "pseudorandomness contest" last year. First, they asked participants to type out 150-bit strings, using nothing but their own minds, with the goal of making them as random as possible. Some results:

It's been a while, huh? Let's role-play some hugs!

I stand in front of you, wearing a cozy, colorful sweater. I open my arms slightly, and softly smile at you. What do you do?

Watched "Jurassic Park" for the first time today! πŸ˜ƒ

If you did a public survey about yourself, to find out what people think of you, which questions would you include? Some ideas:

- Perceived scores in the "Big Five" personality traits
- Biggest perceived flaws/opportunities for growth
- What would you like to learn from me?

This terrible game which and I made last year is currently annoying a lot of folks on Hacker News! :D Check it out if you haven't seen it yet! Can you solve all three levels?

I'm talking from a very privileged perspective, of course: I can return to a warm apartment, and the snow doesn't cause me more work in any way. Part of me feels horrible for enjoying this so much.

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Love that there's so much snow in my hometown this year! ❄️ Everything gets quieter. People seem in a child-like glee. And you get to see everyone's cool winter hats!

Direct link to the download page of "Oh My Git!" here: We're super curious for your feedback!

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Favorite comments from the live chat:

"Need this game to explain git to my cat actually! He will like it, especially the moving graph and the blue persona!"

"this game looks very interesting; hope to use it to show my coworkers afraid of git, to get them comfortable!"

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And third, when the next talk is about to start, the broadcast ends, and the internal room is automatically opened up to the public, which can join and mingle and discuss the topic some more. This is known as the "hallway track". :P

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Second, after the talk, the broadcast is automatically switched over to a Jitsi with the speakers and a moderator in it, which go over the most popular questions. In this case, the Jitsi was a widget in an internal Matrix room for that specific talk.

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Thanks for dropping by, this was super fun! :) I feel like 's three-phase approach for doing online talks is working really well:

First, the pre-recorded talk is live-streamed. During this phase, people can ask questions in the live chat, and vote other up and down.

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's communication infrastructure this year, as explained by! :O

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