Hey there! I'm searching a name for my doodle flower generator. How would you call it? Please help suggest names or vote on other suggestions here: allourideas.org/flowergen Thanks!

Reg Edit has seen some stuff.

He stares past his coffee into the thousand-fold permutations of GUID Space.

"When an application is no longer a benefit..." he begins.

It is an hour before he speaks again.

"They call it Uninstallation."

His voice is barely a whisper now, barely a drop in the endless neon acid rain.

"But sometimes. Sometimes they won't just uninstall quietly."

On the eternal sunset skyline, a blimp crashes in flames above a pyramid.

"And that's where I come in."

if you're having trouble visualizing the recursive centaur i've made this helpful reference

The recursive centaur: half horse, half recursive centaur

Hey there, awesome people!
I am a hacker, maker, crafter, artist and teacher. In short: I do too much stuff at once.

I code and ,
draw , and ,
create and video
and built fancy stuff in combination with my machine, oder .

So if anything of this is interesting for you, please consider supporting me, my blog and my videos on patreon:


An SEO webmaster walks into a bar, public house, tavern, pub, club, menu, beer garden, pool table, darts, games, snacks

:~- Mastodon having a cold
P~ Pirate mastodon
|:~ Serious mastodon
~: Nodotsam

{:~ Worried mastodon
[Β°]~ Cyborg mastodon
m~ Facepalming mastodon
:~* Mastodon kiss


d:~ Mastodon with baseball cap
3:~ Mastodon with horns
[:~ Mastodon with Headphones
=:~ Punk-Mastodon (Punktodon?)



;~ Winking mastodon
:Γ΅ Shocked mastodon
:Ε© Razz mastodon
:β©« Pierced mastodon
:~~: Mastodon friends

:~ Mastodon
:'~ Sad mastodon
B~ Cool mastodon
0:~ Holy mastodon

@robert @korenchkin @scabux @luricaun @BioHackerBI @blabber @dragonchaser Hi! :) Just wanted to let you know that the "nerd metal" shirt by @bleeptrack and me is finally available! \o/ Thanks for your patience! chaos.social/@blinry/100248783

Note that this shirt is not related to hackenopenair.de, a cozy little hacker camp in Germany organized by Stratum 0, coming up in August! You should all come visit, though! :)

Unfortunately, tailored versions of the shirt (which emphasize the waist, in contrast to a "straight cut") are not yet available. We're really unhappy about that, and that's not what we planned. Please let us know if you want one, and we'll ping you when it's ready!

The "nerd metal" shirt @bleeptrack and I designed last year is finally available at @getDigital_de! \o/ You can get it here: getdigital.de/Hacken-Open-Air.

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