I briefly saw a #solarpunk thing describing our planet as a really big spaceship, and I’m thinking about how great it is as a spaceship and how we need to keep it in good condition and make sure all the food and air and waste systems stay balanced and 😭🌱🌤 *cries in solarpunk*

There’s a lot of camera covers & stickers out there.
They all miss an important detail.
Here’s a design proposal:

PyConDE18 recordings have been released! My talk on codegolfing in #Python: youtu.be/DPKSSxtVXuY

🏠 🚋 ✈️ ✈️ 🛏️
🚋 🚋 🚋 🛏️
🚋 🚗 🚌 🏕️
⛴️ 🚋 🛏️
🚋 🛏️
🚄 🛏️
🚊 ✈️ 🚋 🚋 ✈️ 🚋 🏠

I've got the feeling that image descriptions make the fediverse better on more than one level. Not only because of the obvious fact that it enables a larger set of people to get a more thorough understanding of a post — but also that you only tend to post those pictures that are worthy investing the time to write an image description for.

Tonight we're staying at Corrour, a train station in the middle of nowhere – 16 miles to the next street. But they have it cozy and warm here, and the landscape around it is just beautiful.

Some impressions of the magic untouched woodland of Rubha Phòil

INV —> Kyle of Lochalsh —> Armadale 🚆🚍

Another random fact: banknotes here are issued not by a central bank, but by three private retail banks. All carry different, beautiful designs, which makes you kind of wanting to collect all of them :D (Pictures: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banknote)

For various legal reasons, Scottish banknotes are not considered legal tender, which means that no contracting partner (even in Scotland) _has_ to accept them (kind of like credit cards), although de facto everyone in Scotland does.

What if Captain America would have been Scottish.

Heute im @stratum0: Eine Slapstick-Kurzfilmkomödie mit dem Titel: „Halt mal kurz“. Es wirkten mit: @larsan, @blinry und @daniel_bohrer.

This morning, I resigned and googled it. I'm still not really sure how I feel about this. Polymeters are a whole new world for me and I'm still stunned about the complexity of that otherwise very catchy song, but I also feel kinda trolled.

Here's a thorough analysis of the rhythms (bless reddit): reddit.com/r/KGATLW/comments/7

And here's the song in question: open.spotify.com/track/0NDidTh


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