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This weekend, I want to try the "Make 50 of something" technique! So I'll try to make 50 carts! :D

1: Dissolving

This doesn't clear the screen each frame, but instead clears 5000 random pixels before drawing the circle!

day 3. By the way – this year, I'm doing all drawing digitally, using Krita! <3

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Does anyone have recommendations for a crossposter from twitter to mastodon where you can set a custom mapping to convert the mentioned usernames?

The theme of this Ludum Dare game jam is "Every 10 Seconds"! / @flauschzelle and I are working on an arcade game that takes place inside of an alarm clock! 👾

Welcome to this year's , where I'll draw about what moved me each day. Here's day 1!

And finally, I just noticed that I'm almost at 100 subscribers on YouTube! 😱 Wanna be one of the remaining 15? :D

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@blinry Wow, looks like some psychedelic "video which kills" from horror movie. I love it! :ablobfoxbongohyper:

My 32 amazing Patreon supporters are part of why I can do so many silly projects! Join them here:

😘 😘

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There you go, one shameless self plug for each day of September! Thanks for following along! :D

If you wanna be the first to hear about new projects (and sometimes be a beta tester!), join the 157 people who are subscribed to my newsletter!

💌 💌

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30: The Mork

And finally, here's one of the oldest digital works I still have: a stop motion video made with a Lego Camera, over 20 years ago! 😆

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29: Making fifty TIC-80 carts in a weekend

This was a fun (and exhausting) challenge! :)

Writeup and all source code here:

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28: Tides & Sliderland

For the demoparty Revision, @winniehell and I made this music video for 64 HTML sliders!

Playground for your own animations:

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27: Writespace

A puzzle game where you are a magic typewriter! Made with and & support from and @daniel_bohrer.

Won second place in over 2000 entries at a big game jam. 🏆

Give it a try:

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25: Opening & closing of the 36C3

Talking in front of 5000 people at the last Chaos Communication Congress was one of the scariest things I've ever done! 😅

Here's the jingle @alinanorakari made for the closing show! 🎶


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It's that time of the year again! The three lower mushrooms are some variety of shaggy parasols (Chlorophyllum, "Safranschirmlinge"), but I can't clearly say that they are edible. The top one is an Agaricus ("Champignonartige") that stains yellow, so I'll stay away from it! 🍄

24: The Everything Exhibition

And our third project generates multiplayer 3D exhibitions from Wikipedia!

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23: Oh My Git!

For the second project, and I made an open-source game that teaches you Git! With playing cards! And time travel! And real Git repos!

🦉 🐿️

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22: Timelens

The supported several of my projects! <3 Timelens lets you see the *structure* of videos!

I integrated it into, and there's also a command line tool and a userscript for YouTube, see! 📽️🌈

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New feature soon in Krita: Lambert Shading.🔆

It's a blending mode made by Despair for better shading using a single layer. I gave feedback to adjust the blending mode during its development. The blending mode is really versatile as you'll see in this quick demo I painted:

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