Thanks to for supporting me on Patreon! <3 Did you know that when you give me $10/month, you'll get your very own, custom-designed profile image? Christina loved my CCH poster, so I made her a pixel art avatar:


You'll also get a Twitter bot that talks like you! Here's Christina's,, producing a mashup of science fiction novels and writers' guides! :D

… and while I was typing the next tweet, I passed my $50/month goal! Thanks a lot, y'all! You're now collectively sponsoring my home and mobile internet connection, as well as the rent for my server, which I think is pretty awesome! <3

@blinry I'd like to become your supporter again but would prefer to use Is that an option for you? 🙂

@blinry Actually... maybe not... The new liberapay workflow seems very broken. 🤔

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