Has anyone of you ever tried "0 A.D.", the open-source real-time strategy game? :)

Once or twice and I always died after a couple of minutes without me realizing what in made wrong

@sandzwerg (I read "died" without context and was worried about you personally)

😮 Oh No personally I'm fine. Thanks for worrying though

@blinry when I tried it last, it didn't look so shiny! (but my machine was too slow for it anyways back then: D)

Japp, I really like it, but I recommend you using a powerful machine and setting the graphics as high as possible.

Start with an easy game and many resources. Before beginning you can choose how the bots are behave and choose something harmless.

First explore the resources system and if you passed the critical point that you can survive, try some fights. It is really complex. You will die often.

Have fun 😉

@blinry big fan of it, even though im not that good . Im looking for people to play with.

@blinry I really like it and playing it with friends over internet makes a lot of fun.

@blinry I didn't like that you could kill the baby elephants. 😢

@blinry "tried" only in the sense of a graphics performance benchmark test for any new computer I install Linux on.

@blinry Yes. 🙂 It is quit nice to play. I enjoy all the details and the differences of all tribes.

@blinry I played it briefly. But that was years ago. It was a lot of fun, but the AI wasn't any good back then. Never played multiplayer though.

oh, this looks interesting. i'll give it a shot 😊

@blinry Yes, I used to have LAN-parties with 0ad. [=

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