Follow is a project that wants to liberate sheet music from copyright and from paper! They invite and coordinate volunteers to transcribe public domain scans from using Should be a great learning experience! 🎼

@blinry that's really cool! Do you know the Choral Public Domain Library? They've been doing the same thing (amongst others, and only for choral music) for a long time, maybe they'd have some good advice from their own experience as you go forward 💙🎼

@blinry Just like the #Mutopia Project except with #MuseScore instead of #LilyPond. This has my full respect.

@blinry so cool!! a new twist that improves the also great project 😍

@blinry wouldn't that be a great task for machine learning? (or basic )

@davidak @blinry ocr is not great for music. a lot of the source material is very idiosyncratic (some of it is handwritten) so it’s not a trivial task to build ocr that’s capable of handling something like this reliably

It looks nice and at the same time, I feel like tracked while browsing the website... Website that simply don't work with Firefox umatrix extension... Not so great for commons...

@blinry Great ! But why not lilypond instead of musescore ? Lilypond is the best music writing solution, all in text files, open source, best quality...

@blinry The awesome think about free culture is that by liberating music in open formats they (we) leverage limitless materials and tools of creation for other people. A specific example is Off the Staff, which uses OpenScore:

I'm currently working on a thesis on free culture, free software and music to get my music degree. Following you now! 🤗

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