Here's how it looks like in action! I make most payments electronically nowadays, anyway. Coins go in the little jeans pockets.

@EorlBruder Most brands of scallion come with one as premium customer reward! But check your local kitchen drawer, maybe they carry one, as well!

Just a quick warning: I managed to completly destroy the chip on one credit card when using a very minimalist wallet and had to have that one replaced. Maybe it would be a good idea to have some kind of minimalist protection around the cards

@blinry @EorlBruder I'm using a clip to only bring 2-3 cards and a bill with me. Try not to make the chips face each other's. After a few years I never had any issue except some scratches and my name/photo erased from bus card

@blinry For coins, I can recommend one of Muji's tiny pouches, it can hold more coins than I've ever had as spare change and avoids them falling out of your (back) pocket when you sit.

@axx That's a good recommendation, thanks! I already noticed them falling out when lying down/cuddling… Do you mean these?

@blinry These one actually They show them but don't appear to have the item for sale on the site. But they are in shops usually (and quite cheap).

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