Presenting: The Wikidata Card Game Generator! It uses @wikidata, the free and open knowledge base, to generate fact cards on arbitrary topics, like metro systems, planets, or hackerspaces. Made with @Bleeptrack at the @verschwoerhaus last month. ✨

Like all information in Wikidata, the generator is freely available under the terms of CC0! We'd love to keep improving it – if you'd like to help, here are some open issues:


Most importantly, we're looking for a less generic name! Infinity Cards? Wikicarta? Factopus? 🐙 You can vote for your favorite ideas (and add your own ones) here:

Hit us up if you find interesting Q-numbers or encounter bugs! Finally, you can help improving the quality of the generated decks by adding more information to Wikidata! There are lots of missing photos and info on the hackerspace cards, for example… :)

Thanks to everyone who suggested features or reported bugs! \o/ Over the last week, we've made several improvements to the tool! For example, we've added thousand separators and decimal rounding to numeric values:

We also try to be better at guessing what you mean when you give a topic to the tool. It can now not only fetch items based on the "instance of" property, but also based on "position held", "occupation", and "parent taxon"! Which are all kind of "X is a Y" relationships.

This means you can now generate decks on topics like
(position held) pope
(parent taxon) rodent
or (occupation) podcaster (@martinhaase, um, we need to know your weight :D)

We also don't fetch the background images in full resolution anymore, but use thumbnails, while keeping a worst-case pixel density of 200 DPI. What other features do you wish the tool had? You can add them here, if you want:

The latest update adds an input field where you can paste the topic's QID, and a drop-down for selecting a language! You can now generate cards on arbitrary topics, *in arbitrary languages*! ✨ Thanks for the suggestion, @AmicalWikimedia!

@blinry Great :) I present you a card deck about famous esperantists written in esperanto:

@blinry works a bit… I do not understand why there is both "inception" and "publication date". Also, xonotic has a logo image but it does not appear on the card, not sure why.

I have to say I do not like how the images are used as card backgrounds, especially for people it looks pretty ugly. I still love the overall idea though.

@blinry ... regarding that pic: do you really expect people to be able to convert between yottagram and solar masses in their head, provided they see that yottagram is meant in the first place? ;-P

(BTW, laut wolframalpha sind es 1.988435 * 10^9 yottagramm... ^^)

@anathem @blinry Well, the sun has a mass of 1 solar mass, so that should be simple, I think? Except if there are other things in the set which are not measured in solar masses.

@daniel_bohrer @blinry I was more referring to the fact that some thinking at all is required to compare the numbers shown (and therefore it was meant as a side stab to humanity in general) ^^

@anathem @blinry ah well, now I see "light years", "solar radius" and "km" for the radius, so your argument is still valid ^^

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