I'm at the miniatur-wunderland.com in Hamburg, the world's largest model railway exhibition! The exhibition itself is fantastic, and contains an incredible amount of detail! But I might enjoy the views into the open workshop even more! :3

While model railways are an important part of the exhibition, it's more of a general miniature version of the world. Here's Venice, which has no trains at all! When you press a button, street vendors hide their stuff from police patrols. :D

Train operation is fully automated. Apparently, there's also a vacuum cleaner carriage, which keeps the tracks clean! :D

The command center! According to a statistics panel, there are about 300 moving trains at any time, and about 800 waiting ones. Combined, they move a distance of 3 kilometers per minute.

The whole exhibition contains over 300,000 lamps, which are controlled using the software "Miniatur Wunderlicht" (dark screens on the left).

Here's @GretaThunberg on her school strike! But she's all alone – @MiWuLa, might be time to add some more people fighting for the same cause! :)


Oh, did I mention there's a huge airport, where magnetically controlled vehicles simulate the airplanes' ground handling? <3

And don't get me started on the chocolate factory, the volcano, and the Swiss Cheese Incident! There's even a small Chaos Communication Camp, where people carry around huge CRT monitors! But to see that, you have to come visit yourself. :P

@blinry this whole thread is so geil ♡ ♡ ♡

@blinry oh, I miss that place. might go there the next time I'm in Hamburg.

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