I'll be at next week! Who else will be there? Let's hang out! :)

For context, this is the "Chaos Communication Camp", an international event organized by the Chaos Computer Club, that happens every four years. It's a week of workshops and talks, of experimenting with infrastructure and society, of building a little utopia together. <3

Find me at village! I want you for my study about e-waste in hackerspaces.

@blinry I'll be at the leitstelle511 village :)

@blinry we will!!! At least the first few days.

@eqe @blinry Same here! Will be on the camp site from the 21st to the 23rd. Come to my talk at 18h00 on the Wednesday to learn about open source SPI flash emulation!

@blinry we will!!! At least the first few days.

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