Turns out the 's card10 badge has a built-in magnetometer. And a vibration motor! So now, we can finally become cyborgs with a sense for where north is. 🤖

I put a first version of this in the Hatchery, so you can try it for yourself:

1. Download the tar.gz file and unpack it.
2. Set your card10 to "USB storage mode" by holding the lower right button while turning it on. Connect it to your computer.
3. Copy the "north_sense" folder into the "app" folder.
4. Restart, and launch "North Sense" from the menu.

When I tried it outside earlier, I found that wearing it on the inside of your wrist pleasantly tickles! Wearing it on my ankle was barely noticeable while walking.

I often found myself twisting my hand a bit to "look around", trying to find north. Also, I now know where north is in my favorite supermarket. :D This is very interesting to play around with, can't wait to use it in a city I don't know well.

And then, I held my smartphone in my other hand, and it vibrated, and I was *super confused*. Let me know about your experiences when you try it! :)

I think wearing the card10 somewhere on your head might make most sense, because most other senses are relative to your head, as well.

@blinry running it right now, already noticed i was off by a few degrees with where i though north was here. double checked on maps and yes, the app was right! :D

Great! Now I definitely have a reason to assemble my #Card10 😬

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