For , I'm making a generator for unplayable music in the style of John Stump's "Faerie’s Aire and Death Waltz":

Another one: "Last Ballet for the Nose" 💃👃

While I'm already pretty happy with this, I feel like elements are very evenly distributed in these. I'd like to give the score more structure, add more patterns.

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Death Quartet and Wicket Canon:

"oil a kraken – um... (or don't)"

To render the page, I'm using the open source music engraver LilyPond! Need to fix the bars running off-page. And add a lot more music notation and phrases! Feel free to suggest some!

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So, reminded me that LilyPond can actually create MIDI files! :O Making music is not really the goal of this project, but if your ears aren't bleeding enough today, you can listen to "Death Canon for Your Piano" here:

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Added a bunch of new features to the "unplayable sheet music generator" today: glissandos, new expressive marks, trills, ossia staves, subtitles, and a much wider range of texts!

Any suggestions on how to call this generator? The current code name is "lilydump".

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I enjoy that this is basically a bunch of smaller generators, bundled together: a title generator, a subtitle generator, a melody generator, an instruction generator… – and that each part can be improved separately.

Still want to add more high-level structure, though.

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Presenting: 🎶 SillyPond 🎶 – a generator for unplayable sheet music, and my submission for 2019. Code & generated files CC0! Learn how to generate your own music here:

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The impeccable took a look at SillyPond, and a bunch of other neat projects:

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@blinry the bars running off the page are obviously a feature. they play nicely into the overall aesthetics of the piece, and need no further fixing.

@LucasWerkmeister I'd say it's doing 90% of the work! :D I'm just swamping it with noise.

@blinry "Azote" as a non-reference to Atmosphères by György Ligeti

@blinry Orchestricide? Whatever its name, it is marvellous..

@blinry "Add your otter." 😂 (This is great.)

@blinry This project made me laugh like hard 😂 This is so great! 😀

@blinry "have a nice day", oh thanks, I will definitely :D

@blinry how about "lilypump"? or, wait, "sillypond"! :D

@blinry I love these. "Slowly increase drooling": is that for the drummer?

@blinry "Don't shoot the piano player" as a reference to signs commonly found in the saloons of bad western films.

At the same time you could also add "Shoot the piano player".
Because why not.

@blinry I adore the annotations! "remove the kraken", lol!

@blinry I'd like this to have better beaming of 8th and 16th notes.

@holger Oh yeah, I think I forgot to turn automatic beaming on in that version. By now, I randomly toggle it on and off! :D

@blinry I sincerely hope it will (some day be able to) output MIDI as well, at least for the unambiguous parts

@blinry the best thing is I have a very specific synaesthetic sense of how I would play something Aldente

@blinry Aha, a Sorabji piano sonata generator. Lovely. Sorabji had no cats, though, so this gets a bonus. 👍

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