I'm really into the lately! Learned about Godot's 2D light system today, and made some lamps that cast *darkness*! :D


Godot is a really powerful open source 2D/3D game engine, which has a very active community and active development right now! Comes with a built-in physics engine, an advanced audio subsystem, a Python-like scripting language, a level editor & much more! godotengine.org

The one thing that really got me into Godot was seeing that people are building highly polished games with it, like @Securas2010@twitter.com's brilliant "Sealed Bite"! securas.itch.io/sealedbite It's also open source, and I learned a lot from studying how it works!

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@Securas2010@twitter.com Dear community – do you know of other highly polished open-source games made with Godot? I plan to use Godot for the upcoming , and would love to study how games of different genres are implemented!

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@blinry I just read GoDot and saw the pixel graphic and thought for a moment that you were refering to the graphics program of the same name. 😅


@blinry It is a pretty cool thing. I used a lot back in the day and was happy to see that development was picked up again some time ago. 😊

@dorifer I don't think so. I found the learning curve quite steep, and needed many days to understand how the scene tree is supposed to work. For beginners, I'd highly recommend love2d.org! :)

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