When I was a child, my father and I had this tradition where he would give me some of his old comics when I was sick.
I recently learned that he still has some left! I'm currently fighting off a flu, so now I'm reading a "Mickey Mouse" from 1959! :D

"Dazu gebricht es mir an Lust" (archaic German for "I don't want to do that") is a phrase I want to use in everyday conversations! :D

"Schluck" ("gulp") is a grammatical form called Inflektiv, sometimes also called Erikativ, after the translator and editor Erika Fuchs, who polularized it! It's basically the equivalent of removing "to" from a full infinitive verb form.


Oh, there's a news section! This article is about the Soviet spacecraft "Luna 1", the first spacecraft to reach Earth's escape velocity! It was supposed to *hit* the moon, but it missed. Its successor, Luna 2, would become the first human-made object to reach Moon's surface!

"So, you don't have to be scared of nuclear power plants?" – "Or course not! You can build them as safe as any other power station!"

(At this point in time, Calder Hall was used to produce weapons-grade plutonium...)

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