What's a skill that you'd *really* like to learn, but you're not sure how to get started?

@daniel_bohrer @blinry
That was a really tough one for me too, took a while. Was it ever worth it though. I'd be happy to share my thoughts if they're ever of help.

@HiRezCanDo thanks! @blinry already suggested melantonine as a possible solution, but I would still be interested in other suggestions!

@blinry @daniel_bohrer @HiRezCanDo If I go to bed early, I can get up early. I often just don't want to go to bed early.
I know it is not that easy for everyone.

Agreed, getting to bed at a decent time is a major challenge for me still. It may sound overly simple but honestly my turning point was when I started reminding myself every evening and every morning that
1. There's nothing inherently bad about morning, in fact it can be just as peaceful as night.
2. There's nothing inherently magical about night.

@dirkjaeckel @blinry @daniel_bohrer

3. The morning is going to start whether I'm ready or not so it would be easier for me if I just suck it up and do it.
4. I actually really do like sleep.
5. I can trade evening time for morning time pretty evenly

@dirkjaeckel @blinry @daniel_bohrer

It took time but basically I stopped focusing on reasons why I wanted to stay up and sleep in and instead focused on reasons why I liked the morning and wanted to get up early. After that I had my reasons and I had my motivation, which just led into creating a habit.

Also, I use Sleep As Android on my phone which won't let me turn my alarm off until I scan a QR code in the bathroom. 😉

@dirkjaeckel @blinry @daniel_bohrer

@HiRezCanDo @blinry @daniel_bohrer That's tough. But maybe a good tip for someone I know. What is the name of that app?

For me the only thing that worked was figuring out how many hours of sleep I need and then sticking to the hour I should go to sleep

@BradReed @blinry in principle I agree, but it seems that the ideal time for me to go to sleep conflicts with the required time for me to be at work :S

@blinry FPGA Design. I didn’t yet make it from „blinking an LED“ to „a HDMI transceiver“

@blinry Making a living from my writing. I'm halfway into it, but it still has to become sustainable.

@blinry Writing and Lockpicking both fill this slot for me.

@blinry It's never the "getting started" part that's dificult for me.
More the "keep up" part and finding enough time and mental strength for it.

@Chaos_99 That's a super interesting point! I definitely know that, as well!

@blinry lots of things. from the top of my head: programming actual music.

@sofia Ohh, like in an environment like SonicPi or TidalCycles?

@blinry yea, either that or on a more low-level thing. i made some js stuff that makes some beepy things like the one attached (it's the binary digit sums mapped into the harmonic scale). this is the tool i used:

but i'd kinda like something a bit more music-y.

thanks for the pointers to SonicPi and TidalCycles! i knew about SonicPi already but i forgot the name. ^^;

@HiRezCanDo @sofia I also think this is fantastic! :O My wish would be more examples directly on the page, ranging from really simple to really complex ones!

@blinry @HiRezCanDo
here is the code for my example:

64 * (floor (t * ([...floor(t/ 2**12).toString(2)].reduce((acc, cur) => Number(acc) + Number(cur))) / 256) % 2)

or something like it. i forgot the exact numbers i put in there, and wasn't able to to reproduce the exact pitches yesterday. ^^;

but you're right, more examples would be good. i also had some other plans with it, for one thing i'd like to try more with aperiodic sequences like thue-morse, dragon curve, Kolakoski, …

@blinry Playing Bridge. I guess the hard part is finding 3 other people that can tolerate a newbie like me. :P

Holding my temper and self awareness. Also something more tangible like woodworking or electronics prototyping.

@HiRezCanDo Maybe @daniel_bohrer can recommend some resources/strategies on how to get started with woodworking? :)

@blinry @HiRezCanDo ohhh… CW for a deep rabbit hole is in order here. ^^

For me the starting point was watching a lot of instructional YouTube videos. I can definitely recommend Paul Sellers and Rex Krueger here. Also a good thing to start is making a simple box. Break it down into small steps and tackle each of them one at a time.
You don't need expensive power tools. A set of 4 chisels, 2 sharpening stones, a mallet, 1-2 saws and sandpaper can get you started for under 100€.

@daniel_bohrer @blinry @HiRezCanDo besides tooling, where do you get the wood? Which types are easy to handle, good looking, and eco friendly?

@raphting yeah, that's also a big problem for me… the home improvement stores usually only stock fir, larch, pine and sometimes oak, but it's rather on the pricey side. Sometimes I get lucky and find slabs, a freshly-felled tree or well-dried firewood on classified ads (craigslist, ebay Kleinanzeigen in Germany), but mostly I have to buy slabs on ebay, which is not really eco-friendly 😕

@blinry @HiRezCanDo

@raphting Handling: conifers (pine, fir, larch) are usually soft and you don't need much force to cut, although you need sharp tools to get exact cuts. Basswood or cherry are dense homogenous hardwoods, easy to handle, so good for sculpting. Oak is a nightmare and the hardest I've tried so far.
In general, any kind of wood with straight grain is easier to handle than wood with a lot of branches, knots and twist in the grain, although those make for more unique projects.

@blinry @HiRezCanDo

Looks: well, depends on what you like ^^ but most woods really shine after a coat of oil or varnish that brings out the contrast in the woodgrain.
Quarter-sawn oak is known for its ray figure and rustic look. In some maple species you can have wavy grain or "bird eyes" (often used for violins).
Cheaper lumber is often used when a project is painted over anyway, and you can also use stains to color the wood differently (e.g. make pine appear like oak or walnut).

@blinry @HiRezCanDo

@blinry @HiRezCanDo here's an example $93 Amazon shopping cart to get you started with general woodworking and most joinery. Of course availability will vary between regions of the world, so I'm not gonna name exact products here :) You can also buy used tools at flea markets and restore them, which will save you about 80% of the costs, but will add about 800% of your time to get started. :)

@daniel_bohrer @blinry @HiRezCanDo can you give me a German version of this? And do you use a rubber mallet with chisels?

@sandzwerg in my experience, rubber mallets and softwood mallets are about the same when it comes to hardness, but the rubber mallet was less expensive ;) Also I would only use a wooden mallet on chisels with plastic handles or if the wood handles have a ring at the end so the handle doesn't split.

// @blinry @HiRezCanDo

@sandzwerg hier Screenshot von

Wenn du etwas bessere Qualität für ~140€ haben willst, die selbe Liste bei (such nach der Art.Nr.):

• Kombi-Schleifstein Korn 1000/3000, Art.Nr. 313346
• 4er-Satz MHG-Stemmeisen in Canvastasche, Art.Nr. 308584
• Japanischer Holzhammer 280g, Art.Nr. 310744
• Feinsäge Mini Dozuki kurz, Art.Nr. 312036
• LYNX Fuchsschwanz 406mm 10TPI Querschnitt, Art.Nr. 303038
• Schleifbögen nach Bedarf P60–P240:

// @blinry

@HiRezCanDo The answers are also really interesting and super diverse! :)

@blinry And that kind of paperwork generally; but grant applications are particularly relevant to my career. I often just don't apply for things because the paperwork freaks me out.

Build my own website exactly as I want it to look and behave having no clue how you do it and which tools I should start learnig for this. Sb told me not to invest my time in learning worpress and learn how to buil from scratch. It's my start but still I'm stuck again.

@blinry writing good code with functional programming languages.

@blinry i have an aquarelle painting which my daughter did. She drew a robot which is supposed to fetch bread and rolls for us. I want to learn how to transfer this sweet robot into a (eventually 3d) model. I want to write a little game around that robot, inspired by your godot pitch.

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