The Git learning game and I are building is progressing nicely! \o/

We've been experimenting with a "time travel" theme for the introductory levels this week, and early feedback by our playtesters has been encouraging!

This is the current level format. You're all invited to make your own levels, and help us explore what's possible! :)

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We're super thankful to be supported by the! Two months of the project are over, four months still to go!

We're documenting our progress each Monday, feel free to check it out here:

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@overflo @anathem @lx242 Hey, as you enjoyed building levels for "Wurst Day Ever" – maybe this could be interesting to you? :)

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@blinry Probably, if I get around to it with me currently moving and all...

@blinry (... also, there's still an open PR for "Wurst Day Ever" with 3 more levels ^^)

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