There's a group of fabulous people who regularly throw money at me via Patreon! <3

I'm incredibly grateful for their support, and send them something nice in return occasionally! Last year, it was watercolor postcards from New York!

This year, it'll be pen-plotted envelopes, showcasing data from OpenStreetMap, and containing an individually hand-picked selection from my sticker collection! :D

You'll get one if you're my patron by Sunday, 17:00 UTC! 💌

It's my dream to make weird internet art, silly indie games, and educational tools and resources full-time!

If you decided to support my independence in doing that, it would mean the world to me! <3

So mesmerizing to watch! :O I can totally see the appeal, !

This is generated by an automated toolchain that takes an address as input, and then downloads OSM data, processes and optimizes it, and sends G-code to the printer.



Here's my full current sticker collection, by the way! I sometimes call them my "post-apocalyptic currency"! :P Are lot of memories are attached to them.

@blinry I should really sort mine some day too...the question is: How do I *keep* them sorted afterwards? Didn't come up with an actually feasible idea yet. :/

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