What I learned about there are multiple servers/shards, which you'll be randomly assigned to when you join. But if you copy the URL after you joined, and give it to another person, *I think* it'll lead to the same shard!

Voice groups have a limit of 4 people. Some areas open a dedicated Jitsi session (seems broken right now?)

There's a chat, which you can open in the lower left, with persisting messages.

You can zoom out (using Ctrl-minus), which makes it easier to see where you're going.

@daniel_bohrer @blinry that explains indeed a lot. For example the empty worlds.

Hmm, it seems I cannot get video to work, Firefox doesn't even ask, Chromium doesn't load the map at all…

ahh, world went down and up again, and now it asks me for my camera \o/

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