Tonight at 21:00 UTC+1, and I will present a colorful potpourri of nerdsniping topics at TV! Learn about strange geometry, weird keyboards, unconventional ways to make art, and more!


Live stream:

That's in 5 minutes! 📺 If you wanna to watch the talk together, and maybe hang out a bit afterwards, join us here:

Thanks for hanging out, that worked great! :3

"Maybe this has been discussed already, but *why is your mouse cursor a turtle*?!" :'D

@dogstar Yay, glad to hear that! :) Also, this will be the first Operation Mindfuck that we do in English!

@blinry i am excited to tune in <3 i just got back to my apartment, and have been travelling a lot, so i am only looking into the rc3 stuff now :> also, i hope you've been well!

@blinry I liked the figure-eight with the infinite metal-rod. It seems that holes in an object and the object's surrounding are sharing attributes of a higher-order class. If you think it that way, the rod is passing the object twice already from the beginning.

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