Good morning, ! 🌨️ At 14:40 UTC+1 today, in the Lightning Talks section, and I will talk about why and how we're building an open-source Git learning game! :)

If you wanna hang out during and after the talk, and participate in the Q&A, you can make an account for FOSDEM's chat system here:

Thanks for dropping by, this was super fun! :) I feel like 's three-phase approach for doing online talks is working really well:

First, the pre-recorded talk is live-streamed. During this phase, people can ask questions in the live chat, and vote other up and down.

Second, after the talk, the broadcast is automatically switched over to a Jitsi with the speakers and a moderator in it, which go over the most popular questions. In this case, the Jitsi was a widget in an internal Matrix room for that specific talk.

And third, when the next talk is about to start, the broadcast ends, and the internal room is automatically opened up to the public, which can join and mingle and discuss the topic some more. This is known as the "hallway track". :P

Favorite comments from the live chat:

"Need this game to explain git to my cat actually! He will like it, especially the moving graph and the blue persona!"

"this game looks very interesting; hope to use it to show my coworkers afraid of git, to get them comfortable!"

Direct link to the download page of "Oh My Git!" here: We're super curious for your feedback!

@blinry I assume the game doesn't need to listen for incoming network connections. Maybe you can identify what causes this and eliminate it (happens when selecting a level)

@blinry I tried to be clever by running vim but the terminal window didn't handle it well and now in the next level the command prompt is stuck on this greyed out command that I can't get rid of

@blinry in this level it felt very opaque what to do with the clone command here. It did not occur to me that the highlight behind "teacher" was supposed to be the origin name and a drag target. I reset the level twice because I thought dropping the card anywhere was supposed to clone filling out the origin automatically.

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