Time for another Ludum Dare game jam! \o/ This time, the theme is "Deeper and deeper"!

We changed the submarine idea to a squid, and controlling it is already pretty fun – a good sign! :)

End of day 2 for me! @LenaSchimmel@twitter.com built an in-game vector-based level editor + rendering engine, and @flauschzelle@twitter.com really made the squid come to life today! I'm always enjoying building camera controls, and adding sound effects!

Working title: "Emergency Squid" 🦑

Lena wrote a (German) thread on the 72-hour development phase of this game! :) twitter.com/LenaSchimmel/statu


Presenting: Squiggly Squid, a physics-based underwater platformer! Made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 48 with @flauschzelle@twitter.com and @LenaSchimmel@twitter.com.

Play it here: ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/48 🦑🐠🐟🐡

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